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Create account with Evorese

Evorese using a decentralized system to get operational.

A private key is generated every time you subscribe for an account.

Make sure you save the GENERATED PASSWORD and store it well. In case you lose the password, your account can never be recovered.

Tips to save your password well:
⦁ Print it and place the printed paper in a safe place known only by yourself
⦁ Store the password in a banking box
⦁ If you store it on your computer, make sure your file cannot be accessed without a password

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After you have created an account to make the most of the exchnage capabilities you need to complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) process:
⦁ Start KYC
⦁ Make sure you accept the Terms and Conditions
⦁ Make sure accept the Consent to Personal Data Processing

Fill and submit the KYC form:
⦁ Add your personal information
⦁ Add your token receive in the email address
⦁ Send verification token
⦁ Add photos with the required document as shown in the image below